It is tricky to ascertain when the idea for Mervira came into my head. Several years ago I played in a Steampunk D&D campaign and loved it. Unfortunately it fizzled out and I had to move away from where we played. Lately I have thirsted to create my own homebrew world again, and the genre of Steampunk has always been one of my favourites. The image of an ornate letter M emblazoned on banners, vehicles and uniforms entered my mind, and Mervira grew from there.

I am extremely happy with what the players and I have crafted so far. It is now a playground of excitement and discovery.

Campaign Trailer

Cast of A Clockwork Opera:

Jenny: Dungeon Master
Becky: Agnus Truciator
Dante: Dilenna Kayton
Lloyd: Iskander Khalophis
Matt: Milo Tealeaf

Logistics for Google Hangouts

  • I’ll post the hangout link the night before each session as I’m literally coming straight home from work.
  • Chat will unfortunately have to be minimum due to starting on time. Obviously feel free to use the chat on Google hangouts during the game.
  • I don’t mind whether you choose to use Dice Stream or your own dice, but please stick to one or the other.
  • We will be taking a 5-minute break on about the 10:00 GMT mark (so 1 1/2 hours in) on every session.
  • Levelling up will happen in unison, ie when I think you’ve progressed enough I will grant you a new level. I will however grant Inspiration for brilliant role-playing, cool extra stuff you do etc. If I get enough views I was also thinking about getting the audience to vote for the best player each time.
  • Finally I’ll be around afterwards to do some post-game chat.

A Clockwork Opera

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