A Clockwork Opera

Dear Chairman

As you may now be aware there was a terrible train accident last Tuesday on the East Perimeter Line when the 10:25 became derailed. My condolences extend to all those who lost their lives and their grieving families, It saddens me greatly to hear that your son is still missing and may have been one of the souls lost in the incident.

It is with some sadness that I must report that I was a passenger on the 10:25 train, as I was at the time engaged in official duties.

Obviously helping our dedicated citizens and workers to safety was of my utmost concern, and I did my part in saving as many of our valued and productive citizens as I could. It is a source of great sadness to me that I could not save more of them as many souls were lost, I can bring you no news of your son as I am unaware of his appearance.

It is the circumstances around these events which brings me to the business at hand, regrettably the incident meant that I was unable to attend our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday. If it was not for such extenuating circumstances I of course would have been in attendance to officially declare my submission for the role of treasurer.

I understand that in my absence Gregory Montfish took the role with no other names on the ballot. It seems to me that the membership has not been offered a proper choice in this regard.

I have already written to Gregory asking him to consider resigning his post in order to hold a fresh ballot, but his reply was most rude. In your capacity as Chairman I hope I can convince you that these are exceptional circumstances, and that the best interests of the society might be served by encouraging Gregory to accept fair competition for the role in a fresh ballot.

I certainly do not wish to call for a vote of no confidence on the matter, but I have the utmost of respect for your intelligence in the matter and know you will make the right decision.

Formal stuff out of the way, I hope you and your wife are doing much better now. I hear on the grapevine that there is still a chance that your wife may be able to appeal the decision for her citizen number being lowered to 3, this pleases me greatly. Certainly I would not have wished the dissolution of your many happy years of marriage when I wrote the citation, but as you know we all share the duty of working together, and must adhere to the best standards we can achieve for the greater good. I do hope her appeal goes well, despite the evidence against her.

Agnus Truciator


The_Rogue_DM DungeonGirlYT

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