A Clockwork Opera


New Dawn Press

Four citizens devoted to the regime were tragically killed last night within the Manufacturing Levels of New Dawn Proper.

After being given this mission personally by the Head of the PCD, speculations of suspicious activity in some of the restricted areas of the Manufacturing Levels was confirmed. These heroes of the regime discovered certain members of a Void crime organisation known as The Syndicates carrying out a plot that would shake the very foundations of New Dawn. Evidence also points to the leader of The Syndicates, Proteo Cartelli “The Phantom”, being responsible for the terrible incident involving the 10:25 East Perimeter Line train.

Because of this, all other potential suspects will now be questioned have their papers checked for involvement with The Syndicates.

The leader of the heroic group, Agnus Truciator, will especially be remembered for her duties as Junior Officer. She was due a promotion next week by the PCD for her valiant and efficient efforts to the Regime.
Junior Officer Truciator was an avid member of The Clockwork Poet Society, who meet every two weeks to share their poetry on the Regime. Mr Dillard Montague, the Chairman of this organisation, was kind enough to share Junior Officer Truciator’s last poem before she died. She specialised in sonnets. Newly-elected Treasurer Gregory Monkfish deemed this as quoted by the New Dawn Press to be, “The greatest poem she ever wrote.”

Oh catcher of dreams that hangs upon my wall,
You’ve lied to me! You have not done your work.
For in my sleep a dreadful dream still lurks—
That of a face I’d like not to recall.
That face—his face—how does it still enthrall?
Those deep brown eyes, above that charming smirk,
Have value, sure, but they’re those of a jerk.
And now he dares invade my dreams? What gall!
Dreamcatcher, please, I need your help, and fast.
Without you I may never be at rest.
It’s true: I loved the face that haunts me so
But now, I’m sure, that love has long since passed.
To me, his face is not a welcome guest.
Remove from me the dreams of my old beau.

Dilenna Kayton | Iskander Khalophis | Milo Tealeaf | Agnus Truciator

The Regime Will Never Forget.


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