A Clockwork Opera

Milo Tealeaf PCD Dossier

Agnus' full written report on Milo Tealeaf to the PCD

Markup Version:


    Asset Handler: Agnus Truciator

> ## Subject

Citizen Rank 1
Milo Tealeaf

  1. Potentials
    The subject offers a number of potential opportunities for exploitation, particularly he appears to be well connected with one or more of The Void crime organisations.

Particularly The Padfoots with which the subject has a close personal connection with a senior member.

  1. Connections
  • Eliza Greenwood (Citizen Rank 1)
    A known senior member of The Padfoots this Halfling appears to have access to many areas within Meveria, including but not limited to the manufacturing sector which should be off limits to a character of this rank.

She appears to be well connected and understands much of what she shouldn’t, highlighting her probable role as an information broker or other person of import within The Padfoot organisation.

  • The Syndicate
    The Syndicate have previously tried to leverage his personal connections with Eliza Greenwood to gain influence over, and recruit, our subject. The Syndicate appears to have requirement of his skills.

It is not known by this officer if The Syndicate will remain functional after the successful completion of my assassination mission of their leader: Proteo Cartelli.

  • Other Crime Organisations
    Evidence is thin on the ground here but subtle verbal hints have been heard which suggest that our subject may have historical connections with other crime organisations.
  1. Explotation Opportunities
  • The subject’s close personal connection to Eliza Greenwood can be used to place the subject under duress, and likely vice versa. It should be noted that The Syndicate kidnapped and tortured Milo to force his coercion, Milo did in this officers opinion contemplate their offer, before his hand was forced.
  • The method this officer favours however, is to attempt exploitation of the debt now owed by Eliza Greenwood to the subject after her successful rescue from The Syndicate. The persecution of Milo Tealeaf may prove to be an invaluable tool in drawing out Eliza Greenwood and her organisation.

This method may be favourable because the detainment of the subject will expend few resources and is unlikely to place the lives of fellow officers at risk.

  1. Subject Sketch
  1. Motivations

Currently the subject is sufficiently motivated by the presence of the PCD ring mechanism with the promise of removal. I do not expect continued motivation will be forthcoming, and he has already threatened to remove his own finger several times.

  1. Recommendations
    His status needs to be kept under permanent review with each assignment. When the time comes that the ring is no longer a sufficient motivator we should move forward with utilising this asset to draw out Eliza Greanleaf. A full plan for which will need to be created to ensure that we can gain the maximum exploitable benefit from such an action.
  3. Statutory House,
  4. Communal Penitential Deferment Zone,
  5. Sector Q7B
  6. Mevira


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