A Clockwork Opera

New Dawn Hero makes ultimate sacrifice

PCD Head Thomas Seppali K.I.A

Head of the PCD, Thomas Seppali, has been killed in action while taking on a number of criminals single-handedly.

Thomas Seppali has been confirmed killed while on an undercover operation within the city of New Dawn. Seppali was infiltrating an underground fighting ring in attempts to apprehend a number of criminals, including members of The Syndicate crime gang, located in the Void.

Seppali was conducting his operation in an up-market sea-food establishment called "The Curious Oyster" when tragedy struck. Even though this is early days and the PCD are keeping a lot of details about the clean-up operation disclosed, a few details have started to emerge.

It is believed that a fire was started which consumed, not only Seppali, but a number of others as well. The cause of the fire is unknown however there are rumours that it was started by a random arson attack, a fight inside and even a rogue dragon attack. Eyewitnesses have been escorted to a "secure location" and questionned by members of the PCD as some have claimed a small number managed to escape the blaze and also an unusual airship was also spotted shortly after.

One eyewitness claimed that three people to escape matched descriptions of three civilians who were recently killed in the Manufacturing Levels reported less than a month ago. The eyewitness was escorted from the scene by 3 PCD members for questionning.

More details to follow as they arise…

-Excerpt from "Clockwork Reporter" issue #441


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