A Clockwork Opera

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This morning at precisely 10:27, the 10:25 train traversing the East Perimeter Line was thrown off its tracks by a huge explosion set off by persons unknown. Many Officers were injured in the disaster and several remain missing. Citizens were guided across the shallow marshland to the Bankside as the locomotive and several other carriages began to submerse in the deeper waters.

Witnesses claimed to have seen a slender female tampering with a carriage connector, causing the locomotive to sink. She, amongst all other passengers aboard the train are henceforth being considered as suspects. The questioning process began just over an hour ago as more Officers were summoned to the scene.

If you know of anyone who was travelling on this train, you are highly encouraged to visit the Halls of Justice and present a statement as soon as possible.

The 10:23 Central Line train beginning its long journey across The Great Whirlpool

Dear Chairman

Dear Chairman

As you may now be aware there was a terrible train accident last Tuesday on the East Perimeter Line when the 10:25 became derailed. My condolences extend to all those who lost their lives and their grieving families, It saddens me greatly to hear that your son is still missing and may have been one of the souls lost in the incident.

It is with some sadness that I must report that I was a passenger on the 10:25 train, as I was at the time engaged in official duties.

Obviously helping our dedicated citizens and workers to safety was of my utmost concern, and I did my part in saving as many of our valued and productive citizens as I could. It is a source of great sadness to me that I could not save more of them as many souls were lost, I can bring you no news of your son as I am unaware of his appearance.

It is the circumstances around these events which brings me to the business at hand, regrettably the incident meant that I was unable to attend our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday. If it was not for such extenuating circumstances I of course would have been in attendance to officially declare my submission for the role of treasurer.

I understand that in my absence Gregory Montfish took the role with no other names on the ballot. It seems to me that the membership has not been offered a proper choice in this regard.

I have already written to Gregory asking him to consider resigning his post in order to hold a fresh ballot, but his reply was most rude. In your capacity as Chairman I hope I can convince you that these are exceptional circumstances, and that the best interests of the society might be served by encouraging Gregory to accept fair competition for the role in a fresh ballot.

I certainly do not wish to call for a vote of no confidence on the matter, but I have the utmost of respect for your intelligence in the matter and know you will make the right decision.

Formal stuff out of the way, I hope you and your wife are doing much better now. I hear on the grapevine that there is still a chance that your wife may be able to appeal the decision for her citizen number being lowered to 3, this pleases me greatly. Certainly I would not have wished the dissolution of your many happy years of marriage when I wrote the citation, but as you know we all share the duty of working together, and must adhere to the best standards we can achieve for the greater good. I do hope her appeal goes well, despite the evidence against her.

Agnus Truciator

Milo Tealeaf PCD Dossier
Agnus' full written report on Milo Tealeaf to the PCD

Markup Version:


    Asset Handler: Agnus Truciator

> ## Subject

Citizen Rank 1
Milo Tealeaf

  1. Potentials
    The subject offers a number of potential opportunities for exploitation, particularly he appears to be well connected with one or more of The Void crime organisations.

Particularly The Padfoots with which the subject has a close personal connection with a senior member.

  1. Connections
  • Eliza Greenwood (Citizen Rank 1)
    A known senior member of The Padfoots this Halfling appears to have access to many areas within Meveria, including but not limited to the manufacturing sector which should be off limits to a character of this rank.

She appears to be well connected and understands much of what she shouldn’t, highlighting her probable role as an information broker or other person of import within The Padfoot organisation.

  • The Syndicate
    The Syndicate have previously tried to leverage his personal connections with Eliza Greenwood to gain influence over, and recruit, our subject. The Syndicate appears to have requirement of his skills.

It is not known by this officer if The Syndicate will remain functional after the successful completion of my assassination mission of their leader: Proteo Cartelli.

  • Other Crime Organisations
    Evidence is thin on the ground here but subtle verbal hints have been heard which suggest that our subject may have historical connections with other crime organisations.
  1. Explotation Opportunities
  • The subject’s close personal connection to Eliza Greenwood can be used to place the subject under duress, and likely vice versa. It should be noted that The Syndicate kidnapped and tortured Milo to force his coercion, Milo did in this officers opinion contemplate their offer, before his hand was forced.
  • The method this officer favours however, is to attempt exploitation of the debt now owed by Eliza Greenwood to the subject after her successful rescue from The Syndicate. The persecution of Milo Tealeaf may prove to be an invaluable tool in drawing out Eliza Greenwood and her organisation.

This method may be favourable because the detainment of the subject will expend few resources and is unlikely to place the lives of fellow officers at risk.

  1. Subject Sketch
  1. Motivations

Currently the subject is sufficiently motivated by the presence of the PCD ring mechanism with the promise of removal. I do not expect continued motivation will be forthcoming, and he has already threatened to remove his own finger several times.

  1. Recommendations
    His status needs to be kept under permanent review with each assignment. When the time comes that the ring is no longer a sufficient motivator we should move forward with utilising this asset to draw out Eliza Greanleaf. A full plan for which will need to be created to ensure that we can gain the maximum exploitable benefit from such an action.
  3. Statutory House,
  4. Communal Penitential Deferment Zone,
  5. Sector Q7B
  6. Mevira
Broadcast locally by Administrator Byron at 0700 this morning





Be vigilant! If you see one, raise the alarm!


Agnus Journal and Other Clippings
A selection of things Agnus either wrote; or influenced

Markup Version:

  1. Personal Journal
    If I had a wish I would use it now to see upon you once more. It has been a little over 12 years since I left our quiet little farm and headed to the city, and I begin to question now whether I will ever see you again. I hope the farm is still providing for you.

I haven’t checked in on you since I left, and I am sorry for that. I should probably have written sooner. Indeed as I write this it occurs to me that there is a chance you have already moved on from this world and if that be the case then I should hold shame to my heart for failing to write to you sooner.

Life in the city has been good for me: I found a home here and a purpose. No I am sorry: I am still not married. Instead I have dedicated my life to the purpose and ideals of The Regime.

For the longest time I have believed that the system used by The Regime was faultless, a perfect system of efficiency that delivered a just and fair society that all could benefit from. A civilisation worthy of the best of us, that would shine a beacon of light and hope to the furthest reaches of this world. A model of such perfection that all time would sit and take note.

But alas The Regime is not quite perfect, as it is staffed by imperfect beings: And now I must choose: Between staying true to my beliefs in the regime and the oaths that I have pledged and kept so dear to me for all these 12 years and accept my sentence of death; or to save myself from harms way.

I fear that I must stay true to my oath, but even in this I must also fail as I accept The Regime as the ultimate adjudicator of my fate as part of my oath, I must also break the part of my oath that pledges To uphold the ideals of The Regime.

So as you see I am placed with an impossible choice: Which part of my oath do I break?

I have chosen.

Please keep my brothers safe, stay away from the fires. For they will rage so brightly that all of time will sit and take note!

Agnus, your loving daughter

  1. Kill The Corrupt (Haiku)
    Death stalks you bad man,
    I am hunting for you now,
    Make your peace dead man.
  1. Personal Ad
    To the PCD officer I saw on the train that day. I wanted to thank you for your actions, you stayed calm, you ferried people to safety. You lifted us up and hoisted us clear. If it was not for your bold and swift actions we would not be here: Like so many others we would have fallen to the mud.
    I do not know who you are, your name, or anything. I was scared and panicking. I remember only red frizzy hair!
    So if you are reading this red frizzy haired officer, thank you!


  1. A Poem by Agnus Truciator

> #### The Robot Eye

Power and control so often united,
But there’s an itch in your eye that may leave you blighted,
It’s all about the eye,
And that’s not something for which I’ll die.

Hunter and the hunted so often not the same,
So how about a turnabout and we play a new game,
It’s all about the eye,
And you think we don’t know why.

Pistol and bullet ordered into the fray,
Despite your best efforts we live for another day,
It’s all about the eye,
So we will find you where you lie.

Power, control, hunter, hunted, pistol and bullet,

You think these are yours to distribute,
Well that’s something I care to refute,
There’s something in the corner of your eye,
And now it’s time for you to die.

  1. Accounting Ledger
    Home for Halfling Castaways
Donation Name Provided
:——: :——————-
2s C. Chip
110g Rebate from Office of Charitable Affairs
-10g Syndicate related losses
-25g Protection Money
9s K. Cartwright
4s J. Green
9s M. Suck
5s T. Berrid
4g A. Truciator
800g The Padfoots
-700g Padfoot Cleaners
9s R. Edge
1g B. Enik
1g5s C. Memphit
9s D.E. Drizzt
  1. Dear Diary
    Why did I not keep you 12 years ago? Everything seems to be tying back to that time. I arrived in this city fresh eyed and full of promise.

What was happening then that I didn’t see? Why can’t I look in to your pages and ask you?

Did I bring some ill fortune with me that I could not see through the concrete and stone that seems so alien to me?

What is so special about 12 years ago?


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